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Winter Rentals Sarasota FL

Winter Rentals Sarasota FL

Winter Rentals Sarasota FL

          Savvy tourists know that the time to book a winter rental Sarasota FL or Manatee 2014-2015 vacation is a year in advance – or more. So, okay, you haven’t been so savvy. What now?

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             All is not lost, but your penalty is that you must work much harder for your chance to push your toes through the white sands of our beaches, the golf courses, or simply to thaw out by the pool.  Here are your marching orders!

  • Call every single property manager you can find. Start with, of course, but don’t neglect any of the other sites. Pick out the properties you like, even if they are not available, and ask to be put on the waiting list.
  • Don’t overlook the apartment communities. Some of them permit monthly rentals – and their amenities are usually top notch. Banyan Trail Sarasota
  • But don’t stop there. Politely – very politely – check in with the manager once a week. Remind the manager to notify you if your favorite property becomes available, or a reasonable substitute. 
  • Send the managers a little something to keep you in mind. Whatever you can afford. Nothing lavish, but something memorable. Cute sticky notes? Cool pen? Go shopping at Office Depot or the Dollar Store.
  • Broaden your horizon. Have you given strong consideration to Venice and other beaches south of Sarasota? Some excellent properties, beaches, food, shopping and entertainment await you there. And north, all the way to the tip of Anna Maria island and Bradenton. New museums, theater venues and dining opportunities await!
  • Remember that Sarasota, although crowded with seasonal traffic in the winter is really an easy town to navigate. That means – try a neighborhood you’ve never heard of. It’s probably not far from the beach or the interesting tourist destinations.  Look at the online maps and see just hoWallenda photo by Jennifer Huber Flickr userw far you are from the beach and other fun places.
  • Check Craigslist daily. (see my blog post on how to deal with that site)
  • If all else fails – put on your adventure hat and come on down with no reservation! You’ll need a Plan B in case you can find nothing, but I’m guessing that if you persevere, you’ll be fine. Remember, reservations are broken all the time – especially at the last moment. Plans change, folks get sick or decide to buy a condo rather than rent for the season. Take heart – you’ll do fine. And at least you’ll be warm.
  • Remember, Sarasota was built with the spirit of the Ringling Brothers and Wallendas. Lots of risk – great reward! There is a short list of winter rentals in Sarasota FL waiting for you. Find it!

                                               Judy Gee

                                      , owner






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